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When Can my Alimony Be Modified?

If you’ve been through a divorce and are paying or receiving alimony, you can ask the court to change either the amount of the alimony or the duration of payments. Courts in Massachusetts typically grant alimony modification under one of two primary conditions: Circumstances used to determine alimony have changed. For example, if the financial situation of either party has changed significantly,…

Massachusetts is NOT a 50/50 State

I am surprised at how often I hear both clients and attorneys tell me that in Massachusetts, when couples divorce, everything is split 50/50.  That is simply not true in Massachusetts.  Splitting everything 50/50 is more akin to community property states such as California.  Let’s break down that sentence and examine it: Everything is split 50/50 The bolded text “everything” is correct…

Tax Consequences of Property Transfer in Divorce

Many of my clients are worried about two issues when it comes to transferring property pursuant to a divorce.  They’re worried either about their house (real property) or their retirement accounts. Transfer of Real Property During the marriage, spouses can transfer unlimited money and assets between themselves – tax free.  There is no transfer or capital gains tax on transfers between spouses….

How do you parent from a thousand miles away?

When one parent lives across the country from the other parent, how do you parent from a thousand miles away?  During visits, few and far between, how do you connect with your own child who you grow increasingly distant from and know less and less about? Of all the family law cases I deal with, those cases dealing with parents separated by…

How Not to Act at a Restraining Order Hearing