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Legal Pricing

Here at Infinity Law Group we believe that you should know how much legal services costs before you decide to retain a lawyer.  Just as you wouldn’t think of buying a car or a house before knowing the price up-front, the same applies to legal services.  We are the first and only law firm in Massachusetts that will offer a fixed fee, instead of costly hourly billing, to all our clients for any legal matter.


What is up-front, fixed or flat-fee pricing?

This simply means that you pay for legal services all up-front and you know from the start, the scope of our representation.  For many of our cases, including uncontested divorce and prenuptial agreements, we charge one fee and the client never has to pay again.  For complex litigation work such as contested divorces, we will charge an up-front, flat fee for a fixed period of time.

How does pricing for complex contested cases work?

We will charge an up-front fixed fee for a set period of representation.  So for example, you will pay us the fixed fee for every 4-months of representation.  If your case is concluded within that period of time, you won’t have to pay us again.  If your case is not over within that period of time, you pay us another up-front, fixed fee for another 4-months of representation.

Are there additional costs on top of the fixed fee?

The fixed fee we quote will include all attorney fees with the exception that if the case goes to trial, then there is an additional fee for every day of trial.  The reason for this is because over 95% of cases do not actually go to trial and trial preparation is a very extensive and time consuming process.  The fee for every day of trial is of course a fixed fee and will be detailed from the beginning so you will know from the start how much it might cost.

In addition, court fees, filing fees or other fees incurred during the litigation process is paid by you, the client.

What is the fee for divorce or estate planning?

Unfortunately, we cannot quote a set price on the website because the flat-fees differ from one client to another.  This is due to the fact that cases range in complexity and one client’s case is very different from the next client’s case.  In order to be fair and reasonable with our fees, we quote our fees at the end of the first consultation so you can make the decision whether or not to go forward with our representation.  For a rough estimate of your legal fees for divorce, use the Legal Fee Calculator below.

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