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Divorce will be one of the most trying times in your life – physically, emotionally and financially.  There are obviously emotional roller coasters that you will have to ride, both leading up to the decision to get a divorce and surviving the process.  That emotional toll also has an effect on your physical well-being which affects your health.  Lastly, divorce can be expensive and at a time when your finances are in flux, it can be quite a hit on your financial security.

All this is a reality of divorce but with the right divorce attorney and with the right advice for you, it doesn’t have to be unbearable.  I often tell my clients in Quincy that during this time, the most important thing is to take care of yourself emotionally and mentally and also to do the same for your children.  We often forget that while the process of divorce is hard, it’s often even harder on the children.  Often times, at the beginning of the divorce process, I will encourage my clients to seek the help of a therapist or a counselor.  Many times, it will be covered by your health insurance carrier.  Having someone to speak to that can also give you the tools to cope with the situation can be highly beneficial.  I often suggest a family counselor in addition to an individual counselor because it is healthy for the entire family to get the same type of counseling and for children to express themselves in a safe environment.

Since my main office is in Quincy, I have a significant portion of clients from the Asian community.  Generally speaking, Asians do not like to engage the services of mental health professionals.  There is a cultural skepticism towards the profession.  Even with my Asian clients, I often encourage them to seek out a therapist because it does help, no matter your ethnic background.

I remember a client I had a while ago that resisted the idea of a counselor but her divorce and child custody case was very messy and she had kids that were difficult to handle.  She really needed some help.  After many months of speaking with her, I convinced her to try a therapist that I recommended.  She’s never been to one before and after going, she came back to tell me that I was right and that it really did help her.  As her divorce drew to a close, I noticed a big change in how she handled herself and her children.  There was definitely a drastic improvement.