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Divorcing Someone Who is in Prison

Divorcing Someone In Prison

If your spouse is currently incarcerated, and you want to file for divorce, you should talk with an experienced Boston divorce attorney. There are many issues you have to consider when seeking to end a marriage with someone who cannot freely pick up the phone to call a lawyer or show up to court.  That does not mean you have to stay…

Our Parenting Plan Checklist

Parenting Plan Checklist

When you and your children’s other parent are going toshare custody, you need to develop a parenting plan. This is a written document that sets out the practical aspects of co-parenting. Whether you and the other parent were never married or are going through a divorce, this is a tough process. You both want what is best for your children yet may…

Factors to Consider When Divorcing a Spouse with a Disability

Leaving a Disabled Spouse

The breakdown of a marriage is never easy. When you consider separating from your spouse or filing for divorce, there are many things to consider, including each person’s finances and sharing custody of the children. If you are contemplating leaving a spouse who has a disability, the situation may be even more complicated. Your spouse may rely heavily on your income or…

Common Law Marriage & Divorce in Massachusetts

Common Law Marriage & Divorce in Massachusetts

A common law marriage is a type of union that occurs once several requirements are met between two individuals residing in a state that recognizes common law marriage. Common law marriages are performed without any state formality (such as license) or a formal ceremony. While common law marriage is not available under Massachusetts law, a common law marriage must be recognized by…

Spring Break & Divorce

Spring Break & Divorce

When you and your spouse decide to divorce, you know you’re going to have to tackle tough issues. One of the toughest is sharing custody of your children. Having your children divide time between your homes becomes especially difficult during school holidays and vacations. With spring break approaching, you and your children’s other parent need to communicate and decide how to handle…