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For our clients who live in Boston or prefer access to a T, I can set up an appointment for you to come in and speak with me at the Boston location:

testimonial star

TIFFANY COX – 4 months ago

Thank you, Jaye! You are the BEST.

Jaye, is an excellent attorney to assit with all of your needs and concerns. Very knowledgable, professional, and helped me through each step of this life changing process.

Thank you for everything, Infinity Law Group.


testimonial star

SR Y – 8 months ago

As one of the clients, I worked with Gabriel Cheong Esq. on a marriage issue.

I decided to work with Gabriel after called 7 attorneys. All of them sound very impatient and ask for ridiculous fees. One of the attorneys even said that he wouldn’t answer any questions before I made the first payment. What a joke. I just asked one basic question so I could decide if I wanted to work with him.

Gabriel is very patient. He explained every basic knowledge in detail during our first phone call before I made any payment. Then he asked if I want to continue. With this patient and professional attitude, why would anyone say no?

The fee didn’t cause me a fortune and was very reasonable. In addition, Gabriel responded to emails and calls very promptly. He explains everything I need to know precisely during every communication.

I don’t find a reason why I shouldn’t work with him in the future if I encounters other legal issues.

testimonial star

Knottlynn Tran – 10 months ago

I retained Gabriel Cheong to draft my prenuptial agreement and am very happy I had done so. His knowledge on prenups and MA marital and divorce laws was evident during our pre-consultation. He catered the prenup to exactly what my partner and I were looking for and answered my questions regarding the process in detail. Overall he was pleasant, professional, and respectful of his client’s time. Would highly recommend if you want a thorough prenup drafted efficiently.