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Family Law Discovery Master in Massachusetts

The Court may appoint a discovery master, sometimes referred to as a special master, in your Massachusetts divorce case to hear facts on a case, make rulings and decisions on discovery issues, order one party to pay attorney fees and issue sanctions, and even issue a report to the MA court. This discovery may include the production of documents, responses to questions, or deposition testimony. 

Utilizing a Massachusetts discovery master can save both parties money and time versus having the MA court decide discovery disputes. A judge may appoint a discovery master in family law cases when it’s a complex case that involves a lot of paperwork. A judge may appoint a discovery master with or without the consent of the litigants in the case. The court may not have the resources or time to do these tasks. The MA discovery master in divorce and other family law cases is usually paid from marital funds during litigation.

Who Serves as a Family Law Discovery Master in Massachusetts?

A Massachusetts lawyer with a current license to practice law can serve as a discovery master. The court will usually decide on who is to be the discovery master. In some cases, the parties can agree on who the discovery master is. 

Gabriel Cheong, Esq., the owner of Infinity Law Group LLC has extensive experience as a discovery master in Boston, Needham, Quincy, and surrounding areas of Massachusetts. If you are a judge or attorney who is in need of a discovery master, call today at 617-250-8236.

Rules for a Discovery Master in MA

There are several rules that a Massachusetts family law discovery master must follow. A discovery master does not work for either of the parties even though they’re paid by both parties. They have to be neutral, fair, and impartial.

Is the Discovery Master’s Decision Binding?

A discovery master’s decisions are binding until and unless the judge issues an order otherwise.

Advantages of a Discovery Master in MA

An experienced family law discovery master can give timely attention and move through specific issues more quickly than the Court. Discovery can sometimes take months when going through the courts, especially with some courts being backed up due to COVID.  

Discovery masters can save both parties money in the long run by being able to move faster than the courts and prevent delays due to discovery disputes. This can reduce attorney’s fees and court costs.

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At Infinity Law Group, with offices in Boston, Needham, and Quincy, we have extensive experience acting as a discovery master and working with them in our areas. If you have any questions about discovery masters in family law or you are a judge interested in appointing a discovery master, give us a call at 617-250-8236.