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Firm Profiles


Gabriel Cheong, Esq.

Owner/Principal Attorney

Gabriel Cheong is the owner of Infinity Law Group LLC based in Quincy, MA. Gabriel has spent the last decade helping families navigate the family court system with divorce and custody issues. Gabriel’s family philosophy is to keep children out of court disputes as much as possible but sometimes it can’t be avoided, and when that happens, Gabriel will be your guide and advocate through the court system.

Gabriel also helps with prenuptial agreements, mediation, guardian ad litem investigations, and estate planning.

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Jaye Samuels

Managing Associate Attorney
Jaye Samuels, Esq. is an associate with Infinity Law Group. She is committed to providing public service through the law, and worked with the Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee (MHLAC) throughout her second and third years of law school.

Jaye’s area of practice is in family law.

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Tara Charles Pomares


Tara Charles is a paralegal at Infinity Law Group based in Quincy, MA. Tara plays a vital role in assisting the firm’s attorneys with cases by providing administrative support. Tara has 10 years of experience as a paralegal in divorce and family law. Tara discovered her passion for divorce and family law after taking her family law paralegal class and since then she has dedicated her paralegal career to divorce and family law.

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