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Practice Areas

Family Law

My firm helps families in many areas of family law including divorce, child custody and support, modifications, contempts and restraining orders.


As a Boston Divorce Lawyer, I can tell you that if you are contemplating a divorce, it will be one of the most emotionally charged events a couple will ever face. And it’s even worse when children are involved.


If you have been married, you have the right to, or may have to pay alimony. There are many types of alimony depending on a number of factors including the length of your marriage, age, health, and lost opportunities for education or job advancement.

Child Support

The most important part of child support is making sure the children are taken care of. Both parents share a duty to care for the child physically and monetarily. Our attorneys are dedicated to making sure the courts are looking out for the best interest of the children.

Child Support Contempt

If your ex-spouse is not paying child support, alimony, or not following the visitation agreement, they are in contempt of the separation agreement and you have the right to file a suit against them.

Child Custody

The Infinity Law Firm knows what is most important to you, your children. During the divorce or custody process, we keep this at the forefront of our minds. We are here to make sure the courts are keeping the best interest of our clients and their children in mind.

Child Visitation

Even if a parent does or doesn’t have full custody of their child doesn’t mean they are any less of a parent. They shouldn’t be treated that way either. Visitation is important to the parents and the children. The Infinity Law Firm has years of experienced helping parents receive fair visitation.

Gay Divorce

In Massachusetts, same-sex divorce is seen exactly the same as regular divorces. Courts, attorneys, and mediators should treat these clients and cases that way. At Infinity Law Group we have been following and fighting for equal rights and fair treatment of same-sex couples for years. We continue to do so outside and inside the court room.

Uncontested Divorce

The easiest route to a divorce is an uncontested one. If you and your spouse agree that the marriage just isn’t working an uncontested divorce can be a painless process. Our attorneys can help you through this process, make sure you are filing proper paperwork, and hitting deadlines. Contact our firm today for a free phone consultation.

Estate Planning

Infinity Law Group provides basic estate planning documents such as wills, health care directives and proxy, and durable power of attorney.


As mediators, we are trained to listen to both sides and work out a solution that leaves both parties better off.

Modification of Support, Visitation, Custody

The process of seeking to modify a support, visitation or custody agreement is to make sure the children’s rights and best interests are protected.

Prenuptial Agreements

If you are planning on getting married, it is smart to research prenuptial agreements and how they can protect you and your spouse.

Restraining Orders

If you are seeking protection from a family member, ex-spouse, or your child’s other parent you should contact an attorney for information on restraining orders.