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Boston Child Support Contempt

Very often, I’m called on to pursue a contempt order for a former client, or new client, to enforce a Massachusetts family court order. So I thought it would be a good idea to spend a brief minute or two detailing a few specifics about contempt orders for those of you that are searching online for more information.

In Massachusetts, seeking a contempt order is a matter of filing a separate lawsuit against the other party for not honoring the Separation Agreement, stipulation or court order – usually because the former spouse or parent is not paying child support, alimony or honoring the visitation agreement.

I’ve even seen contempt orders sought for disagreements over yearly tax deductions for children – or their education costs.

If the other party is in clear violation of a Massachusetts family court order, and they have ability to comply with that order, a contempt order could result in:

  • An order to make all payments that are past-due
  • An order to pay the attorney fees for the party bringing the complaint, and;
  • Even jail time under certain circumstances

So, before you seek a contempt order, I always suggest you try to work out it beforehand. Given that the contempt process could be costly, time consuming and the results uncertain, it’s in the best interest of both parties to work together to seek a solution.

If you cannot come to an agreement with the other party and end up considering a contempt order, call me at (617) 652-5748, or contact me here [mailto][/mailto].

We’ll discuss your particular situation and I will advise you on the possible legal outcome of filing a contempt action.