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Will I be responsible for a relatives credit card debt upon their death?

In the event that one of your family members passes away, if the credit account is solely in the decedents name, then only the decedents estate is liable to the credit card debt.  This means any assets or money that the decedent left.  For example, if a person owned any property at the time of their death, this property is part of…

Massachusetts Pet Trusts – 2011 update

Pet Trusts are now legal in Massachusetts. In the past, if someone who lived in Massachusetts wanted to leave money for a pet in case they were to pass away, the only way they could do it was by leaving the money outright to someone and hope that that person will take care of the pet.  That person was not obligated in…

What is a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Order and how does it work?

EMTs and paramedics are required to resuscitate a person per their protocols.   For example, if someone is in cardiac or respiratory arrest, an EMT will be required to try to resuscitate this person.  The same applies for doctors and nurses at a hospital.  If you are in medical trouble, they will try to save your life. If you have filled out a Do…

Can I keep my ex-spouse from inheriting my estate but take care of my kids upon my death?

Yes, you can keep your ex-spouse from inheriting your estate and still take care of your children through the use of a will and trust.  If you have no will, your kids will inherit your estate, however, if they are under eighteen years of age, your ex-spouse will likely have control of your money if they are appointed guardian of your children….

Does my adopted child have the same rights as my biological child when it comes to inheritance?

Yes, M.G.L. ch. 210 §7 says that a person that has been adopted under M.G.L ch. 210 has the same rights to inheritance and to intestate as he/she would have if they were born to such parent in lawful wedlock.  Therefore, no specific reference that the child is adopted in the will is needed.