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Divorcing Someone with a Mental Illness

Divorcing Someone with Mental Illness

Going through a divorce is a difficult process, yet it can become even more complicated if your spouse suffers from an undiagnosed or severe mental illness that impacts their reasoning, temperament, or capabilities. If you believe your husband or wife’s condition may affect the divorce proceedings, you should contact Boston divorce lawyer to guide you through the process and protect your rights….

Boston Mediation Lawyers: Why You Want Your Mediator to be a Litigator and Your Divorce Attorney to Be a Mediator

The traditional idea of divorce is a court battle where husband battles wife, Smith vs. Smith. They’ll fight over the house, bank accounts, retirement accounts, custody of the kids, child support, and alimony. This will go on and on until someone gives in, goes bankrupt, or loses in an ultimate trial. Nowadays, there are better ways. A whole slew of options has…

Can a Tinder Profile be Used as Evidence in a Divorce?

Can a Tinder Profile be Used as Evidence in a Divorce?

If you are in the midst of or preparing for a contentious divorce, it is prudent to speak with your divorce attorney about the types of evidence that can be admitted during the proceedings. When most people think of evidence, they think of a gun being presented to a jury during a criminal trial. But this is just the kind of thing…

Divorcing Someone Who is in Prison

Divorcing Someone In Prison

If your spouse is currently incarcerated, and you want to file for divorce, you should talk with an experienced Boston divorce attorney. There are many issues you have to consider when seeking to end a marriage with someone who cannot freely pick up the phone to call a lawyer or show up to court.  That does not mean you have to stay…

Our Parenting Plan Checklist

Parenting Plan Checklist

When you and your children’s other parent are going toshare custody, you need to develop a parenting plan. This is a written document that sets out the practical aspects of co-parenting. Whether you and the other parent were never married or are going through a divorce, this is a tough process. You both want what is best for your children yet may…