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It’s illegal to live together after divorce!

That’s right folks.  It is illegal in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to continue to live or reside together after a husband and wife (or a same-sex couple) obtains a divorce from the probate and family courts.  It is considered adultery and as I wrote a few months back, adultery is illegal in Massachusetts.

In light of the recession and having personally represented couples who continue to live together after they’ve divorced because they simply can’t afford to leave the marital home or sell it, I guess the recession, in addition to making them poor, have also made them criminals!

Chapter 208, Section 40

4 Comments on “It’s illegal to live together after divorce!

  1. Im stumped – by defnition adultery requires that one of the party be married, how then can a divorced couple who have to remain living together be considered guilty of adultery? Have people (such as the clients you alluded to) actually been charged under this law?

  2. If one has filed for divorce can the couple still live together or is it just once the divorce is final?

  3. Gabriel,

    So you have successfully represented clients that stipulated this in their separation agreements (that they would cohabitate after divorce)? And the court has approved this?