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An issue upon which the parties agree, whether it is a fact or the appropriate final resolution.

Track Assignment

A Court‐ordered assignment that outlines how long your case should take, and to which Judge it has been assigned.

Spousal Support (see also, “alimony”)

Payment to support a former spouse ordered after a marriage based on disparities in the parties’ incomes. Such payment may be a lump sum or a set periodic payment.

Separation Agreement

A contract between spouses in contemplation of their divorce that outlines what their rights and obligations will be after the termination of their marriage.

Physical Custody (see also, “legal custody”)

Who a child primarily resides with.

Parenting Plan

A comprehensive plan for the parenting of any minor children that outlines the rights and obligations of the parents as to the custody, visitation, and support of those children, as well as how the parents will handle disagreements regarding that custody, visitation, or support.


The individual filing a contested case against another party.

Opposing Party

The other party in the action.

Opposing Counsel

The other party’s attorney.


A request to the Court for a specific order during the pendency of litigation.