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Infinity Law Group Provided Free Wills for Medical Staff During COVID-19 Pandemic

Our country continues to face an unprecedented crisis. The novel coronavirus spread rapidly across the United States.

Throughout this time, medical professionals — doctors, nurses, paramedics, lab workers, and other staff — have emerged as true heroes. Often working without adequate protective equipment and under the most stressful of situations, healthcare workers have been on the front lines, fighting this disease every day. This work is done at great personal risk to themselves and to their families.

At Infinity Law Group, we want to help.

As divorce attorneys, we are not much help in a global pandemic. We can offer our help in a different way, however: by providing emergency basis estate plans through the beginning of June for any medical staff on the front lines of the COVID-19 emergency completely free of charge. 

How We Made a Small Difference During the Pandemic

In a New York Times article, doctors and nurses explained how they were updating their wills because of their exposure to the coronavirus. This article — and others like it — made our firm’s founder, Gabriel Cheong, realize that he had to act. He stated, “As a family lawyer, my skills are pretty useless at a time like this. I wanted to give back to all the brave nurses and medical staff out there fighting this deadly virus.” 

During this pandemic, Infinity Law Group offered any nurses and other medical staff who are working on the front lines during the COVID-19 crisis a basic estate plan, free of charge. This emergency plan included three components: 

  • Health care proxy
  • Last will and testament
  • A durable power of attorney 

Gabriel personally drafted these basic emergency estate plans, using his significant experience in the field of family law and estate planning. Each estate plan included instructions for how healthcare workers could execute the documents on their own to comply with social distancing and shelter-in-place protocols. 

Once this pandemic has resolved, we encourage all medical professionals who have received an emergency estate plan to have this plan reevaluated for considerations such as the special needs of their children and spouses. In addition, the estate plan should be analyzed to take estate tax issues into account. 

With offices in Boston, Quincy, and Needham, Infinity Law Group is a top Massachusetts family law firm. A recent client stated, “HIGHLY recommend Infinity Law Group. Gabriel is committed and an expert in his fields – divorce, estate planning, and prenups. His flat-fee billing takes much of the stress out of an already stressful situation. His team is highly responsive and efficient. He has assisted my family several times, always putting their interests first and being an intuitive listener. I have no hesitation recommending Infinity Law Group.” – Nicole Chan 

Infinity Law Group Reached Frontline Workers in Massachusetts

Since offering his free basic emergency estate plans, Gabriel has helped frontline workers at: 

  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Tufts Medical Center 

Infinity Law Group also donated face masks to Manet Community Health Center, which was used at their emergency COVID testing center in Quincy. 

Though the height of the crisis appears to be over and Gabriel is suspending his initiative to provide free basic estate plans to medical professionals, Infinity Law Group will not lose sight of the community’s needs. As Massachusetts moves into the different phases of reopening, Gabriel is here to help those impacted by the coronavirus with their family law matters, including co-parenting agreements that consider social distancing practices. 

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