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How can I change my parenting plan or visitation schedule in Massachusetts

While most judgments issued by a Court are permanent, there are times when this simply makes no sense.  The best example of this is a parenting plan (the provisions governing how co-parents share time with their children and make decisions on their children’s behalves.).  Setting a parenting plan in stone would be illogical and maddening, as the only thing that will be guaranteed as your children grow up is that their desires and needs will change over time.  The law recognizes this by making sure that all parenting plans are always modifiable.  That’s right: a parenting plan can never be permanently set in stone.

Just like with setting up an initial parenting plan, it’s best for both the adults and children involved to come to an agreement about changes that need to be made.  It’s also best for the adults involved to let the Court know that they have made a change to their parenting plan on an indefinite basis, so that everyone, including the Court, is clear on what each parent’s current rights and obligations are.  Thanks to recent updates to Massachusetts’ laws, this is easier than ever.  Parents who come to a new agreement can come to the Court together to ask that their new agreement be entered into judgment without jumping through as many hoops.

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