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Update to Child Support App

As of August 1, 2013, the Child Support Guidelines have been revised in Massachusetts.  Our iPad and iPhone app has also been updated to reflect the new changes in the Guidelines.

MA Child Support App

MA Child Support App

The Child Support portion of our app has been completely redesigned and some of these features are unique to our app alone.  Most of the “math” is now hidden so that it simply displays the amount that the Payor needs to pay.  If you want to see the math, then you simply hit the button next to the support amount and a full worksheet of the Guidelines will show up for you to see, download, mail or link to your dropbox.

The major change in this app is the ability to see the new calculations mandated by the guidelines all in one screenshot.  Depending on the amount of parenting time the non-custodial parent has, changes the child support amount.  You can now see all 3 calculations at once and the difference in how the guidelines changes.

To download the app, you can click on this link or go to the App Store and search for “MA Divorce” or update your app from a previous version directly from the App Store.