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New Child Support Guidelines Effective June 15, 2018

Today the Trial Court announced that there will be a new supplemental 2017 Child Support Guidelines and accompanying Worksheet effective June 15, 2018.  They aim for the Guidelines and Worksheet to be released on the website on Tuesday, May 22, 2018.

The purpose of the new Guidelines and Worksheet is to resolve the 3 main issues that we pointed out in a previous post. The new Worksheet eliminates the technical glitch, removes the double calculation of the health insurance and child care costs, and most importantly, tries to resolve the inequitable results of their new Table B.

The new Worksheet replaces the new 2017 Table B with the old 2013 Table B and in addition adds a new Table C that tries to accomplish the 25% deduction for children over the age of 18. Although we have not completed a full analysis of the new Worksheet yet, just from a cursory review, we can tell that the new Tables will avoid the inequitable results that the current Guidelines and Worksheet produces.


2017 Supplemental Guidelines Worksheet Page 1

2017 Supplemental Guidelines Worksheet Page 2

If you’re having troubling using the sheets above we have created a Massachusetts Child Support Calculator to help parents determent how much support is owed.