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I know my spouse lied on his Financial Statement to the Court, what can I do?

Here in Massachusetts, whenever there is an issue having to do with money in the Probate and Family Courts, the Court requires the parties to each fill out a comprehensive financial statement.  The Financial Statements asks for your income, assets, expenses and liabilities.  It also requires you to be totally honest and truthful in your disclosure.

So what happens if you know that your spouse lied?  Some people who work cash jobs or under the table, routinely under-report their taxes and so they might under-report their earnings on their Financial Statement as well.  This is common.  If you know that your spouse has misled the Court, bring it to the attention of your attorney.  We always want proof that the other spouse is being untruthful and there are a number of ways to find out the information.  However, sometimes is is hard or impossible to find out what someone makes in cash so don’t be disappointed if your attorney cannot get you exact figures.