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Jobs with the Highest Divorce Rates

dancersThere are many elements that can lead to a couple divorcing, but career seems to play a very large part. Whether it’s due to the stress of the job, long hours away from home, or a great deal of social interaction without your spouse, your career could put you in a high-risk category for divorce. These jobs have some of the highest divorce rates of any other career fields.

Dancers & Choreographers – 43.05% Divorce Rate

The probable reasons that this profession has the highest divorce rate is because of the nature of art of dance. People who choose dance as a career tend to be creative types who are “married” to their art. Dancing at even a semi-professional level requires a great deal of time and energy. They may put in 8, 10, or more hours in the studio each day meaning that when they get home they likely do not have much energy left to maintain a relationship. Quite often, the art takes priority over the marriage, leaving the other partner feeling neglected and unsatisfied.

Bartenders – 38.43% Divorce Rate

Bartending is typically not a day time job. Most bartenders work during the prime party hours which include weekends and evenings. They come in contact with a lot of people and there is an increased opportunity for infidelity. This is not to say that all, or even most, bartenders are unfaithful, only that they have more of an opportunity than most due to their exposure to more diverse groups of people and a more carefree environment as a whole.

Massage Therapists – 38.22% Divorce Rate

The nature of the job itself is a very likely cause for the high divorce rate. Massage therapy requires quite intimate contact with other people, often in various stages of undress. Even if there is no infidelity, the other partner can become jealous, insecure, and untrusting of the rubbing and touching of other people – which can create conflict in the marriage.

Gaming Cage Worker – 34.66% Divorce Rate

Much like bartending, the late and weekend hours as well as the more playful, exciting environment can lead to infidelity, as well as a breakdown in communication due to lack of quality time. Spousal jealousy can also play a significant role.

Extruding Machine Operator

Unlike most of the other careers where the spouse is in a highly social environment, this career tends to isolate the worker. Prolonged exposure to this type of work condition can mean that the person does not get enough socialization, causing them to become more introverted and less socially savvy. Long hours of isolation and repetitive function can lead to the spouse become somewhat disconnected from others. When communication breaks down in a marriage, divorce often follows if something isn’t done to correct the problem.

Gaming Service Worker – 31.35%

Long, late hours and weekends, a “party” environment, and somewhat close interaction with many different people can all be contributing factors to the high divorce rate in this profession. The work environment lends itself to more opportunities for infidelity, but the time away from home very likely plays a considerable role in the high divorce rate.

What does this all mean?

Just because you or your spouse have a high divorce rate job it doesn’t mean that you are automatically destined for divorce. It should, however, make you more aware and vigilant of the possibility that it could cause damage to your marriage. This will allow you to take steps to prevent the deterioration of your relationship, by making sure you have quality time with your partner and maintain open communication regarding finances, the relationship, and other issues that could cause conflict. It does require that both sides work together to preserve the marriage, so it is vital that your partner is on board and committed to your marriage as well.

With just about any career, there is an opportunity for infidelity, and communications can break down in marriages where the spouses have plenty of time together. When it comes to divorce, career is only one factor. The problems usually already exist in the marriage, the stress and demands of the job, only highlight those problems and can worsen them.

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