Boston Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

Welcome – My name is Gabriel Cheong with Infinity Law Group, a Boston area law firm.  My associates and I hold onto two basic philosophies:

  1. Every attorney should have a focused practice area because no attorney can know all areas of law; and
  2. We will offer a fair, flat-fee pricing for all our divorce and family law services


Infinity Law Group is the first and only law firm in the Boston area to offer all flat-fee pricing, including contested divorce litigation.

I focus on these three specific areas of law, Family Law, Divorce, and Estate Planning because they are so closely related, and can impact an entire family – from its humble beginnings, to raising children, to eventual retirement and planning for the inevitable.

It’s no secret that family law, divorce and estate planning can be some of the most emotional areas you, as a client, will ever face. This is because all three areas affect and relate to the family.

So, here’s what I promise to do for you. I will bring compassion, focus, dedication and professional legal skills for any legal matter you have.

And in some respects, I become a true partner with my clients and their families. I have to because it is the only way your legal needs can be met in a timely and professional manner.

In the area of family law, I work with clients and their families on numerous issues, such as:

And in the practice of estate planning for Boston area residents, I concentrate on:

I would invite you to call me at (617) 273-5110 to discuss your particular situation – and discover how I can help you as your Boston Divorce Lawyer, Boston Family Law professional, or Boston Massachusetts Estate Planning Attorney.

Or if you prefer, click here: to e-mail me.

If I am in a meeting with a client or in court, I will get back with you within a days time.