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Paying For a Divorce Lawyer Now Made Simpler

paying divorce attorneyMassachusetts couples should always remember that, among other things, marriage is a legal contract between two people. Yet, in the end, after all the pomp and ceremony of the nuptials, it is important to understand the serious legal ramifications involved in the partnership. It seems many forget this reality.

When things do break down, they are fortunate to be able to retain a competent divorce lawyer, who will then sift through the evidence to arrange an equitable marriage dissolution.

Qualified legal representation in a divorce is not free, however. The true savings often come in the years of problems avoided. Ask anyone who chose a cheap divorce lawyer, and they will probably provide a litany of reasons why they wish they had not.

Yet, a divorce does not have to break the bank. Here are some considerations about the cost of a divorce to help potential litigants better decide how to proceed.

Paying a One-Time Divorce Retainer Fee

Some family law firms offer two ways of funding a divorce claim: billable hours and fee-based. The traditional manner of paying for legal services is through billable hours. Lawyers assess a certain rate for each hour spent working on the case.

Innovative firms, such as Infinity Law Group, now provide fixed fee-based divorces to make things easier for Massachusetts residents. Clients who choose this payment method do not have to worry about the number of hours involved. They pay a fixed fee for a fixed amount of representation (usually 3-6 months).

Couples can file for an uncontested, no-fault divorce. To do so, they should have agreed upon the allocation of property and assumption of child custody. The lawyer can handle this case without having to worry about long days in court. Consequently, paying a one-time fee works well for those filing an uncontested, no-fault divorce in the state. In contrast, if the divorce is contested, it is still possible to work out a fee arrangement. However, the client usually has to pay the agreed upon fees in stages, depending on the duration of the case.

What Services Does the Fee Include?

In general, fixed fee-based divorces cover all costs needed to file in Massachusetts. Now, this point does come with one caveat. In those cases, around 5%, in which the parties cannot settle differences through discussion and a divorce trial begins, then there will be additional costs. These clients can expect to pay the cost of each day in which attorneys must prepare for and attend court for trial.

Billable Hours Still Available For Those Who So Choose

One reason that leading family law firms in Massachusetts now offer fixed fee-based divorces is to avoid burdening clients with finances at such a difficult time. Think about it. In normal cases, a client pays for hours billed. Many marriages end with lots of acrimony and courtroom drama. Not only does the client have to suffer the possible stress of protracted struggles for paternity, custody, alimony, etc, they also have to worry about financing all of it.

That is right, these people pay to sit in court and anguish over their situation. Lawyers are still willing to accept this payment option; however, having the ability to pay once or in stages suits many contemporary divorcees better.

A Simpler Method of Paying Legal Fees

The legal profession is always at work to make changes that will benefit its clientele, the American people. With divorces on the rise, there was a need to make more payment alternatives available. The fixed fee-based divorce is an efficient option that prospective clients should discuss with their family law specialist. Contact our firm today for a free consultation. We can help answer your questions and recommend the best route for your divorce process.