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Is a One Day Divorce Possible in Massachusetts?

Yes and no.

The fastest way to get a divorce is if both parties agree to everything and there are no disputes.  If that’s the case, then the parties can file an uncontested divorce.  Depending on which Probate and Family Court you’re filing in, will determine how fast your uncontested divorce can proceed.

Every Probate and Family Court in the Commonwealth with the exception of Middlesex Probate Court requires that you file your case, then wait for the court to assign you a court date (which can be several months out), then you get to go in front of a judge.  After you see the judge, and gets the divorce approved, you still need to wait 120 days before you’re officially divorced.  This 120 day waiting period is called the Nisi period and it cannot be expedited or waived.

Middlesex Probate and Family Court is the only court where you are allowed to do a “walk-in”.  What this means is that you can file your case and get heard by a judge on the same day if and only if you file your case by 8:30AM on any weekday.  However, you still have to wait the Nisi period even if you get your divorce approved that day.