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Forced to Pay Child Support Even Though You’re Not The Father

The video above is about a father in Texas that later discovers that the baby he thought was his, turned out to be someone else’s. ¬†However, the family court in Texas still required him to pay child support for that child.

You think that can’t happen in a state like Massachusetts? ¬†Well, you’re wrong.

In Massachusetts, if a “father” is in a situation where he assumed the role of father for a period of time that caused the child to know only him as the father, then despite the fact that he is not actually the biological father, may not matter. Many factors play on a situation like this and it gets complicated from case to case, however, the important thing to take away is that if there is a child born out of wedlock, and that child is alleged to be yours, you should request a paternity test right away. Have questions? Reach out to our Massachusetts father’s rights lawyer