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Brand New Massachusetts Divorce App for iPhone and iPad

Ever since we first released our Massachusetts Divorce App in 2012, it has become the go-to app for attorneys, judges, and litigants who want a fast and easy way to calculate the child support guidelines and alimony guidelines. The guidelines aren’t easy to understand and our app allows users to see all the different variations without having to calculate it by hand in a courthouse.

So what’s new…

Since we’ve released the app in 2012, we have gotten very good feedback and suggestions on how to improve it and we’ve listened.

We have totally redesigned the app from the ground up.  Not only does it have a completely new look that’s clean and user friendly, we’ve updated the back-end calculator to increase the speed and efficiency of the app.

Values for payor/recipient of child support can easily be swapped so that the user can see how custody can affect the child support amount.

In both the alimony and child support calculators, you can now choose to input weekly, biweekly, monthly, or yearly figures. The court worksheet and our old app only allows weekly figures and we’ve found that to be cumbersome since the user had to manually calculate weekly figures if it’s not readily available. We’ve decided to take care of that for you!

What’s next…

We welcome any feedback on the app and we’ll be updating the app again once the new Child Support Guidelines are released.

You can download the app here.