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Infinity Law Group Announces 2016 Scholarship Winner

Providing individuals with opportunities to excel is important to Infinity Law Group. The sponsoring of the 2016 3rd Annual Asian Heritage Law School Scholarship is at the heart of this belief. As a result, we’re happy to announce Keren Salim as our 2016 award recipient. She has demonstrated the ability to work hard in the pursuit of legal education.

Getting to Know Our Winner

keren-salimKeren Salim is a South Asian Muslim American from North Carolina. Keren Salim attended Salem College from 2010 through 2014 and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree. For the past two years she completed a fellowship in North Carolina, traveling across the state engaging with nonprofit community organizations working on systemic issues in the following focus areas: social justice and equity, community economic development, public education, environment, and democracy/ civic engagement. She plans to continue her education at Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts.

Keren has won numerous awards and gained various acknowledgements. Among those are:

  • Graduating from Salem College, Magna Cum Laude
  • Presidential Scholarship Recipient (2010 to 2014)
  • The 2012 Clark Thompson Community Service Award
  • 2013 Class of 2014 Spirit/Leadership Award
  • National Model United Nations, Honorable Delegate Award
  • Pi Gamma Mu Honors
  • Salem College President’s Prize, Department Award 2014
  • Salem College Inaugural Social Justice Award 2014

She’s committed to following her dream and working towards racial and economic equity.  In describing her future plans, Keren had much to say. “The field of law often manifests in images of older white men, from Jack McCoy of Law and Order to the “Disability Advocates” in the commercials between episodes. My meetings with the various legal professionals demonstrated that law school can be accessible to people of color and helped me reflect on my personal struggles.”

She states, “…the field of law has not adapted to the changing demographics of this country and thus the changing needs. Not only do I want to change this, but I also want to raise the glass ceiling that exists for women in my community. What I have also heard from women of color in the field is that a law degree has opened professional doors for them, that the credibility of a law degree allowed them to sit at tables they would not have previously. Pursuing law school is a very personal yet professional goal for me, but I also want it to be a vehicle by which I make this world a better place. I know that I am prepared for the rigor of the legal profession because of both my academic and leadership experiences, as well as my determination and passion for social change.”

About the Annual Asian Heritage Law School Scholarship

Infinity Law Group LLC along with divorce attorney Gabriel Cheong support individuals looking to further their education in this highly demanding industry. The Asian Heritage Law School Scholarship aims to support students with an Asian heritage. It provides a $1,000 scholarship every fall semester to those who pursue a legal degree. The goal of the scholarship to encourage more Asian Americans to pursue a degree in this area.

The scholarship is available to students who are attending or planning to attend law school. Individuals must be a U.S. citizen or otherwise allowed to work in the country and must be 1L, 2L, or 3L students in the fall of the application year. They must have an undergraduate cumulative minimum 3.0 GPA and must have at least one parent of Asian ancestry.