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Quincy Family Law Attorneys

When you’re dealing with a personal or family issue, your first thought isn’t to call a lawyer. But there are many circumstances when working with an attorney is your best option. From creating a prenuptial agreement to obtaining custody of your children in a divorce, our team at Infinity Law Group can help you navigate tough choices and conversations. Most importantly, we help you and your loved ones prepare for the future.

We Handle All Areas of Family Law


As you grow older and accumulate property and have children, it’s important to prepare for the future. We’ll work with you to create a will specifying how you want your estate handled upon your passing. Depending on the size of your estate and your wishes, we’ll talk with you about how to structure your estate to reduce the tax burden on your survivors.


An essential tool in estate planning is trusts. We can help you protect your assets, pass on property, and take care of your loved ones through living, irrevocable, charitable, special needs, and other types of trusts. Property in trusts bypasses the probate process, which speeds things up for your family. In some cases, you also can avoid additional taxes.

Health Care Directives

In Massachusetts, you can name a health care proxy. This person will make medical decisions for you when you’re severely injured or ill and unable to make them yourself. You don’t need to be a certain age or in poor health to form a health care directive. You should have one in place at all times in case of an accident.

Powers of Attorney

Another way to say who can make decisions for you when you’re incapacitated is through a power of attorney. This person makes important practical and financial decisions for you. Let us help you decide who is right for this position.

Cohabitation Agreements

Marriage isn’t right for everyone, or it might not be right for you at the moment. You and your partner might choose to live together. But this also raises questions. How are you going to handle your finances? What if you want to buy a home together? We can help you draft a cohabitation agreement that puts both of you on the same page and protects you if there’s a breakup.

Prenuptial Agreements

Before walking down the aisle, you and your future spouse should talk about the future. You should have a clear understanding of each other’s finances and how you plan to comingle your assets or keep them separate. This is particularly important if one of you has or will have a significant inheritance or owns a business. Creating a prenup with a Boston prenup lawyer that’s unique to your circumstances is not only practical but a fair and loving thing to do.

Restraining Orders

If you or your children have been threatened, stalked, or abused, talk with us right away about requesting an abuse or harassment prevention order. We will work to get you to a safe place and obtain an emergency restraining order in your favor.


We help mothers and fathers who need to establish the paternity of a child. Our father’s rights lawyers are here to help you confirm the father of a child. We can also help you craft a parenting schedule to share physical and legal custody of children. 

Child Custody and Visitation

If you share a child with someone you aren’t married to, it’s best to have a defined child custody and visitation schedule. Let us help you navigate these discussions with your child’s other parent. If you need to change a current child custody or parenting time order, we can help you seek a modification in court.

Child Support

If you’re not married to or living with your child’s other parent, you should have an official child support order in place. We help mothers and fathers obtain child support orders, modify them, and enforce them.

We Offer Litigation and Mediation Services

Not every family law issue needs to go to court. Another way we can avoid a courtroom is through mediation, which is an alternative dispute resolution method. We can help you negotiate a resolution to your problem instead of letting a judge make a big decision that impacts you and your family.

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