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Why More Parents Are Downloading Pokemon Go

Divorce proceedings can be overwhelming and for parents with children the process is more challenging. Children can feel displaced by during this time and, whether you have shared custody or visitation rights, it is important to find ways to assure them that they are loved and wanted. The best way to achieve this is to enjoy time together doing a shared activity. Surprisingly, Pokémon Go is a great way to connect with your kids, enjoy the outdoors and interact with something they love – technology.

What is Pokémon Go?

pokemon-goA Japanese company created the Pokémon franchise which includes video games, playing cards and a cartoon. The newest version, Pokémon Go, is played on a cellphone or tablet using a free Android or Apple app. With this app, you can explore the world around you and capture the “pocket monsters” by throwing a Poké Ball, though you have to hit the target or it will run away. You can set your phone to vibrate when you are near a Pokémon or take your kids on a “hunt” while exploring your neighborhood, park, or going out to eat.

As you catch Pokémon, you move up in gaming levels, acquiring more powerful balls and Pokémons. The Pokémon eggs you collect can “hatch” into rare Pokémons. At a specific level, you will join one of three “teams” and complete specific challenges.

Confused? Maybe, but within 15 minutes of play you’ll be a pro. And don’t worry because your kids will be there to help.

Pokémon Go and Your Kids

This game is a great way to connect with your children for several reasons:

  • pokemon-childrenChildren of all ages can play. Even young kids can throw a ball at a Pokémon and capture the creature. Even if they don’t they’ll have fun, just be patient and give them a chance. Some parts of the game are easier than others so you can divvy up jobs between your children depending on the required level of play.
  • Teens love the game but its best when played with a friend – and that can be you. They may not tell you this, but your teens do want your attention and playing Pokémon Go lets you spend time together and have fun doing so.
  • Your kids are the experts. Teens especially love to know more than their parents. Let them show off their skills by teaching you the game. Asking for help is a way of showing respect and most teens will respond by letting you into their world.
  • Your children will get exercise while playing. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends families enjoy physical activity together to help prevent childhood obesity. Pokémon Go lets kids explore their real-world environment while playing a game, and get exercise in the process.
  • Your family can explore new places. Pokémon Go creatures are everywhere, including libraries, parks, zoos, museums and other areas throughout your community. Take advantage of your children’s Pokémon Go obsession to visit places they’ve never been or wanted to visit. They might be surprised at the wonders they discover. Also, Pokémon Go is great way to keep kids engaged during road trips and vacations because those little creatures pop up everywhere.
  • Your family team encourages cooperation. The game allows you to form teams and creating a family team will get everyone working together rather than competing against each other.

Start playing Pokemon Go with your kids and they will be excited to spend time with you. This game allows you to stay connected with them no matter their age, and keep that connection strong for years to come.

Teachable Moments

The game is fun to play, but problems can arise which allows you to take advantage of circumstances that can become life lessons without the lecture.

  • Private Property – Some characters are hiding on private property which is a good time to discuss the need to ask for permission to enter the property or let that Pokémon get away.
  • Safety – People have been hurt, even killed, playing Pokémon Go because they aren’t paying attention to their surroundings. Play with your kids so you can keep an eye on them but also teach them how to play safely by looking up from the screen at certain intervals and retain a sense of their environment.
  • In-App Purchases – As with all free games, there are opportunities to spend money. Out of Poké Balls? Click here to buy more. Need an egg incubator to hatch the eggs you’ve collected? You can buy that, too. Depending on your phone or tablet, you can turn off in-app purchasing options or require a password, but it’s also a great chance to talk to your kids about spending habits.

Whether you see your children every day, every other weekend, or other time period, it is important to spend meaningful time with them. Pokémon Go is a way to connect with your child on a level that he or she can enjoy, and you will too.

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