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New iPhone/iPad Divorce App for Massachusetts

I’m so proud to announce that Infinity Law Group now has an app.  It is the first comprehensive iPhone/iPad app for divorce calculations in Massachusetts!  It’s only $0.99 in the Apple App store.

The app can be run both on the iPad and the iPhone.  The iPad version is not just the iPhone version but is actually fully formatted to utilize the iPad architecture.  We will push out an update when the new iOS is out in September.

So what does this app do?  There are 3 main components: Alimony Calculator, Child Support Calculator, and Date Calculator.

The Alimony Calculator is the first of it’s kind in the app store.  It uses the new Alimony Reform law that was passed last year and effective as of March of 2012.  It calculates the range amount of alimony to be paid, the duration of the alimony payments, and also the different types of alimony.  It is fully compliant with the new formulas in the new law.

The Child Support Calculator does the basic child support calculations for incomes up to $250,000.  This calculator mimics the worksheet that is promulgated by the Probate and Family Court.  In fact, the unique feature of this app is that you can now generate a PDF using the app and either email, dropbox or air print a fully court-approved Child Support Guidelines worksheet to submit directly to the court.  No more having to do the calculations by hand or doing it on the computer and transcribing it.  Now you can do it on the fly and run multiple calculations to compare values.

The last part of the app is the Date Calculator.  There are two parts to this.  The first part calculates the duration in months and years between two given dates.  Why is this crucial to divorce?  Well, the duration between two dates is how the alimony duration is calculated.  The second part is a Divorce Nisi calculator that tells you when your divorce is final depending on when your final hearing was and what type of divorce it was.  If it was a 1A (uncontested) divorce, then the date is 120 days after the final hearing.  If it was a 1B (contested) divorce, then the date is 90 days after the hearing.  This is useful just to know when your client’s divorce or your divorce is final.

This app was designed by a lawyer to help other lawyers, mediators, judges and also divorce litigants to easily and quickly do these complex calculations.  Spread the word to your friends and colleagues about this new and unique app.

Download the app today for only $0.99 by searching “Massachusetts Divorce” in the App Store!

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