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Asian Heritage Scholarship Winner Announced

Jiali-Keli-HuangInfinity Law Group is pleased to announce that Jaili Huang, a student at Cardozo Law School in New York City, has been awarded the first annual Asian Heritage Law School Scholarship.

Ms. Huang graduated with a BA from Binghamton University, where she made the Dean’s list four semesters in a row. She was also recognized by the NY Attorney General’s office for superior service while working at their Investor Protection Bureau. Her interest in this area stems from her own family’s financial difficulties subsequent to the housing boom and crash in the mid-2000s.

The $1,000 Asian Heritage Scholarship is sponsored by Gabriel Cheong of the Infinity Law Group, and is intended to encourage Asian Americans to consider a legal career. Asians, as an ethnic group, do not choose law as often as other graduate degrees.  Candidates are asked to write a short essay describing how their background and experiences in the Asian American community influenced their choice to go to law school and how they plan to use their law degree.

Ms. Huang, in a compelling essay, mentions how investors – including her parents – were victimized by marketers into overextending and subsequently ruined when the housing market crashed. With multiple mortgages bleeding them dry, her family simply couldn’t afford to pay for her education. This left Jiali with a tough choice – either abandon her educational goals or forego attending Swarthmore for a more affordable state university.

At Infinity Law Group, we believe she made the right choice, and her stellar performance as an undergraduate gives us strong confidence in her ability to continue to do well in law school.

Particularly compelling, Ms. Huang came to the US when she was eight, and faced the dual hurdles of learning a new language while simultaneously navigating a new culture. She writes that, even as a child, she served as a translator for adults in her community, who were unable to read English. This spirit of service permeates her essay, and we feel Ms. Huang will be a strong addition to the legal profession when she graduates in 2017.

An application and information about next year’s scholarship will be available on our scholarship page.

Attorney Gabriel Cheong started his own firm right out of law school. He currently serves as a council member of the Law Practice Management section of the Massachusetts Bar Association and serves on the board of directors for Quincy Asian Resources, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to helping the Asian community by offering information services, outreach, language classes, and youth programs.