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Family Law Attorneys in Boston

my firm helps families in many areas of family law including divorce, child custody and support, modifications, contempts and restraining orders.

As with most law firms that focus on family legal matters, a significant portion of my practice is dedicated to handling divorce cases.

I understand that the process of divorce is one of the most difficult times for any family. It is not just the couple that is impacted – it will many times involve children and always involves members of your immediate family.

I understand that – and I’ll work with the entire family during those emotional times to make the transition to divorce smoother, lessen the impact on children, and help organize a plan that everyone in your family can agree on.

Here’s a more detailed look at the areas I can help with relating to family law.

Family Law Issues

  • DIVORCE: Discover more about how I can assist you with your divorce.
  • CHILD CUSTODY ISSUES: I understand how important your children are to you and I’m extremely sensitive to the protection of your children’s rights throughout the entire divorce process.
  • CHILD SUPPORT: Support payments are intended for the well-being of the children. I will assist you in obtaining the necessary amount of child support and in making sure the support order is enforced.
  • MODIFICATIONS TO AGREEMENTS: Whether it’s a modification to your child custody agreement, visitation rights or your court ordered support, I can assist you in asking the court to modify any existing agreement.
  • CONTEMPT OF EXISTING FAMILY LAW AGREEMENTS: If existing agreements are not being met, I will assist you in asking the court to find the other party in contempt. Discover more here >> Boston area Child Support and Visitation Contempt Guide
  • PATERNITY: If there is ever any question regarding who fathered a child, an experienced paternity lawyer must represent you in a Massachusetts Family Court. And if a marriage is headed toward divorce, an experienced attorney can assist you in resolving the paternity issues before the divorce and custody issues are finalized. Get more information here >> Boston Paternity Information
  • VISITATION: I represent both mothers and fathers in Massachusetts Family Courts to ensure they keep – or gain – parental visitation rights. Read more here >> Boston Child Visitation Agreements
  • PRENUPTIAL AGREEMENTS: I also help non-married couples plan for their future through the use of prenuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements. When drafted properly, prenuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements can facilitate a healthy and well-organized marriage. In the unfortunate event of a divorce, these documents would allow the couples to agree, while they were in love, how to separate assets. It makes the divorce process simpler on the courts and smoother for the couple.
  • COHABITATION AGREEMENT: A cohabitation agreement will partially protect unmarried couples by defining their rights and obligations with regard to one another.
  • RETRAINING ORDERS: Protecting yourself and your children is the most important thing during a contentious separation or divorce. I will make sure emergency restraining orders are in place and followed up with any extensions you wish to see in place.
  • SAME-SEX DIVORCE: I devote an equal amount of effort in handling divorce and family law matters when the parties are a same-sex relationship.
  • CIVIL UNIONS: How Civil Union dissolution is handled in Massachusetts.

If you need professional yet compassionate legal guidance for your family law issue, contact me by clicking here: [mailto][/mailto] or call me at (617) 273-5110.