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As a Boston Divorce Lawyer, I can tell you that if you are contemplating a divorce, it will be one of the most emotionally charged events a couple will ever face. And it’s even worse when children are involved.

Very few families have an easy time with it. Most ride an emotional roller coaster as they work through a divorce. These emotional highs-and-lows can impact your ability to think clearly and make rational decisions.

For instance, in the not too distant past, a potential client called me to inquire about a divorce. When we finally got the chance to meet, he had quite a story to tell.

He had been married for years and had recently caught his spouse cheating on him.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, he had also found out that his youngest child wasn’t even his. This man’s wife had a child with another man – and he had raised the boy thinking the child was his own.

Obviously, he was very bitter and hurt – perhaps more than any client I’ve ever had. The bottom-line with this gentleman – he wanted to get even and make her life as miserable as possible. And that’s really not that unusual in a divorce case.

I made it clear to him that his grounds for divorce were solid – adultery.

But one of his requests was to pursue something you don’t often see a Father do – gain custody of his children. An angry and emotionally charged man seeking revenge was not likely to be looked on favorably if his case ever went to court.

I calmed him down and got him to focus on the issues that were really important. Such as what really matters at the beginning of the divorce process – And getting answers to all the questions he had.

One after another, the questions came….

He even wanted to know how divorce affected tax deductions for the kids.

Over the next hour, I answered all of his questions and advised him that the smartest way to “win” a divorce case was:

  • Make the divorce process as amicable as possible – treating divorce like a prize-fight will not get you the results you want.
  • And “choose your battles wisely” – go after what’s really important to you

This man’s divorce went well because he believed in these two points and never wavered from them.

And that’s exactly how I approach divorce for any of my clients.

If you’re looking for a pit-bull that will go for the throat of your spouse, I am not the attorney for you.

If you want an experienced and professional divorce attorney that negotiates favorable terms – and leaves your family intact, then call me at (617) 273-5110 or email me here: to arrange your free consultation.